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Candy Corn-Colored Hair

Candy Corn-Colored Hair Is the Sweetest Trend to Try for Halloween The bold shade was made for spooky season. Fall means Halloween, and Halloween means candy. You can try out this stunning seasonal  autumn shade that mix auburn, red, brown, and blondes and you get the candy corn-colored hair, the shade that anyone can (and should!) try this fall. Courtesy of Wynter DePriest/ @monarchhairco Sara🌻 Blogger/Writer, Fashioned Magazine  Are you on social media? WE ARE, TOO! Instagram: @fashionedmag  |   FB: @Fashioned Magazine  | Twitter: @FashionedMag For more fashion and fun, visit us at Got teens? Check out Teen Fashioned Magazine at Are you ready for something new?  CLICK HERE  to subscribe to our Editor-in-Chief's new talk show, A New Thing LIVE!  Into podcasts?  CLICK HERE  to follow us on FASHIONED RADIO.

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