Not Me Tube, But YouTube

Between all of the social media, the website and more, we can barely keep up the pace BUT since we just love to chat (and we DO), we decided to add ONE more pot to the industrial oven!  That's right, we are on YouTube!  Because not everyone enjoys reading, though they SHOULD, we will include some hot topics in our mag, as well as fashion and beauty tips!

Fashioned Magazine's hosts will vary, no doubt, but you can always count on Britt, Cyndi and Edna to present quite the colorful menu!

Check us out on our youtube channel.  Click here to watch the good, bad and the pretty...(Even on our worst day, it's never gotta be good to yourself!)

So go ahead...grab a cup of coffee, hit play and sit back and enjoy just a few minutes with Cali's craziest chat hosts!


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