The Fashion Force Awakens

Hello Fashion World!

                               As we all know, Christmas is almost here! More importantly, for our Star Wars fans...the Force Awakens this week--December,18 2015. For those of you like us, this has been a long awaited movie and now the time is here!

While most will show up in their Star Wars garb, no doubt. We want to take this opportunity do what we do best -- dress for the occasion, as any Jedi would! What does that mean for you and I? Let's just say we will be fashionably decked out in our Star Wars attire, and are thrilled about opportunity to blend the best of both worlds.

Our question for you--Will you travel to the "Dark Side" or will you choose the Force? However you attend this week's unveiling, let's put our best fashion forward and represent in this Galaxy far, far away.

Stay tuned for fun pix as our team rocks the Star Wars looks this weekend! And hey, however you best represent this empirical crew, we'd love to see your look, fun Tees and more! Visit us on instagram or facebook and post pix on our profiles!

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The fashion force be with you!

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