New Year! New You!

New Year...New You!

Happy New Year! We were running a little behind, but now we are catching up and are in full effect! We know it's been awhile, so we wanted to come back this year with some new and exciting things that are happening with Fashioned. We know that many new and exciting things will also happen for many of you also!

As we know many of us set out in the New Year to accomplish a goal--maybe it's to start eating healthier, to be more positive--whether it be to lose weight (which I think is on everyone's list) or for that mom to go back to school to get a degree. We all want to look and feel better overall, regardless of the goal, it all requires doing something new and different than what we're doing. No matter where you are at on the broad end of the spectrum, if you take one day at a time and remember the goal that is set before you, strive everyday to do something to make reaching that desired result attainable. Before you know it, you will     undoubtably reach your target. Who knows? You might even pass it!

In our January issue, our article, "Say Hello to 2016!,"gives a little push to help you be better than you already are! If you haven't checked out our magazine online, here is the article below:

I like the start of the New Year. Not only does it give you the chance to start a new, it is new, giving you an actual fresh start over again. No matter what happened last year it’s a “Do Over” for everyone. While we can of course, set out each day for an overhaul, there’s just something about the New Year that says, “Goodbye to the old and drab...and hello to the new and fab!” Something about this new season can cause one to think or say, “This time I can and will.” And you know what? You absoutely can! 

This is a time where many people set out to make this year better than the last. There is fresh new vision and new hope for the New Year! For everyone, it’s different. Many set out to be better to themselves. Others make a decision to let go of a gruesome and toxic relationship that they’ve been working at for years. Some determine to be healthier, commiting to excercise and a better diet. Whatever this New Year of 2016 inspires you to achieve, start or perhaps even finish, let nothing (or no one) stand in your way. It may require work, and in most cases, it will, but if not now, when?

The good news is there are so many resources and tools to help you succeed! And while there may be times you need to be your biggest cheerleader, don’t avoid the idea of  leaning on someone, or someones for reinforcement. There is power in numbers. Know of a good author on the subject? Read their book or article! Don’t like to read, find a trust-worthy person on YouTube who has fought (and won) that very battle. And don’t ever underestimate the power of prayer. No matter how things may seem, keep your goals and vision in front of you. There is nothing you can’t achieve! So, let this NewYear spark new vision and hope for you, seeing what great things you can do! New Year, new YOU? Why not?!?

Until next time, don't give up on are Fashioned for greatness!

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