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In light of last month's LOVE theme, we deemed it appropriate to write about some of the tastiest (and not super pricey) foodie places to eat in SoCal. Covering a span from LA to the OC, Fashioned Magazine writer, Olivia Couture (yes, that is REALLY her last name), covers eating places both, great and small...and not just for the "party of two", either. She also saluted "all the single ladies," high-fiving them on places to celebrate, as well, over one of the most romantic days in the year. Bon appetit!

Valentine’s Day. When you hear the mention of it, people either cringe with the disgust of being reminded of their lack of loved one, or they sigh and dream about the perfect date night with their boo thang. Ladies, whether you have a man by your side or an imaginary boyfriend, you don’t need to worry about staying in this year with your Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road, a glass of Pinot Noir and Netflix (Although, some nights ice cream & a movie does sound delectable).

Get off your booty and have an adventure! Team up with a group of girls, or just a close bff and hit the 5 FWY… ok, maybe take side streets. And if you’re a non-Cali girl, any fun freeway will do! Here are five amazing places to hit up for V-Day…and month!

1.    Anaheim Packing District – Anaheim, CA | $ – $$
Located in the heart of Downtown Anaheim, this restored citrus Packard building is a fresh, eclectic bounty of culture and delicious eats. Whether you want some pad thai or a waffle sandwich, you can find everything under the sun here. It’s been officially stamped a “hipster hangout” but don’t let that deter you from a chill experience.
2.   Pour Vous – Los Angeles, CA | $$-$$$
This lounge is not for the faint of heart. This dim, sexy lounge is one of my favorites. Not your everyday bar, their drinks are complex pieces of art painting itself over your tongue. Although, you may want to head through an In-N-Out drive through before, because there is a lack of sustenance here. With live entertainment on the hour, this is definitely a bucket-list spot.
3.   Gen Korean BBQ – Various Locations | $$
Where can you go wrong with Korean Barbeque? It’s a fun dinner/lunch spot where you can control what you eat and how you eat it! Relax and eat as much as you can, because the quality of proteins and sides will keep you coming back for more.
4.   Bestia – Los Angeles, CA | $$$
Marked as a recent hotspot for the LA crowd, this Italian-American restaurant is truly a “Treat yo-self” place for you and your girlfriends. Be sure to make reservations, because it fills up fast here. Leave the house early, because parking can be a bit sparse. But once you indulge yourself with the Spaghetti Rustichella, all the cares of the world will melt away…
5.   Hipcooks – Santa Ana, CA | $$$
Beware; you will definitely declare cooking a hobby after taking a three-hour group class at Hipcooks. With locations from East Los Angeles to the heart of Orange County, classes range from Romantic Dinners, to Healthy, Fresh and Zingy and tap in at about $70 a class. I know, a bit pricey, but TOTALLY worth it. Get your girlfriends together and sip, nibble and chat over your creations.

Now, I would hate to exclude those of us with BAE’s. Need to give some hints to your honey this year for Valentine’s, or just a nice date night? Your search has ended!

1.    The Filling Station – Orange, CA | $$
Nestled in the charming historic Orange Circle, The Filling Station has turned an old gas station into a lovable café/restaurant. Casual café by morning and afternoon, and 4 o’clock brings a lush hue of a comfortable dinner. I’m personally obsessed with the Chicken Marsala, but they have everything from Italian pastas to American favorites. Perfect for a casual dinner with your love.
2.   The Cellar – Fullerton, CA | $$ – $$$
Visit the elegant Villa del Sol for this crown-jewel of Downtown Fullerton. The atmosphere is dark and lush with a wonderful look at romantic craftsmanship. The menu is full of tantalizing European cuisine and an impressive wine list.
3.   Studio at Montage – Laguna Beach, CA | $$$$
If you really want your honey to treat you to an extravagant (expensive) dinner, this is the perfect place. Beautifully designed dishes cater to the seasons, and with panoramic ocean-views, this dazzler will set the tone for a romantic evening. Time it right and you’ll have time to enjoy a sunset stroll with your man.
4.   Grand Central Market – Los Angeles, CA | $ – $$
Up for an adventure in one of LA’s most well-known areas? This classic market will either get you all the ingredients for a home-cooked meal, or cater to your inner-foodie. A range of cultures provides a broad menu for everyone to enjoy. My bf can go get his favorite burrito while I try a new pizza! Perfect for couples who don’t agree a lot. ;)
5.   Oshima Japanese Cuisine – Orange, CA | $$– $$$
This super small restaurant is the home of the best sushi in Orange County. If I won the lottery, I would be eating here every night. The fish is the best quality and melts in your mouth. I recommend the Omakase, a chef’s choice/assortment of the best nigiri around. This hidden treasure also has pastas, proteins and salads.

So whether you decide to have an extravagant night with your other half, or a night on the town with your girlfriends, there’s plenty of good food here in Southern California. So get out there and tell us about your adventures! Happy Valentine’s Day & Month!

Olivia is a contributing writer and thespian who lives in Orange County, CA. She is an avid music fan who enjoys living in the Greater Los Angeles area.
"....who you are is more than what you wear and how you look on the outside!"


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