A Little Coachella Fashion

As you know, the Spring has Sprung in all of her glory, with many beautiful flowers, new life, beautiful weather (as the weather permits). Like season, like #festivals -- from fringes, to ruffles, to flowers and suede, the styles worn at the much anticipated #COACHELLA will range as vast as cut-off shorts to the romantic bohemian floral embroideries, showing off-the-shoulder silhouettes, rocking it's the latest sandals or booties.

This venue, welcoming all of these coveted styles, has anxiously awaited the youthful and vibrant 20-somethings as they rock out to different genres of music, fun in the sun, wearing fashion's finest.

In honor of Coachella, are Fashioned Mag girls are dressed for some fun in the sun with their different styles, which is what we love about it -- it's what THEY loved! And we want the same for you --whatever style YOU think about rocking this weekend make it fun, funky and yours! Go ahead, we dare you!

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