Jammy Shares on Moving Out and Moving Up!

Jammy Avalos, owner of Hadassah Studio.
Every now and then, someone comes along, and as you begin to talk about who they are and listen to the journey they’ve been on, you are astonished at what you hear, and are both, encouraged and challenged by the human spirit and grit. Such is the case with hairdresser, Jammy Avalos, a single mom, and owner of Hadassah Studio, located in Highland Park, in the heart of Los Angeles. Her journey was certainly not easy, and yet, her story’s hardships give us courage to make the brave decisions that need to be made. It’s easy to feel alone. Jammy’s story let’s you know, you are not.

I opened the salon almost four years ago when I was going through a really hard divorce. I was in a really dark place … a mother of a six-year-old at the time and it was just really hard. My ex-husband was cheating on me with multiple women. I would cry out to God and ask him to just help me get out of this place where I was ... one day my mom said, “You need to get out or stay, but don't tell me because it hurts me. Your dream is to open a salon. Open it and I will give you all of my life savings.” When she said that, I was really depressed and so didn't want to look for a location or anything like that, but I just remember going for a walk (in Highland Park) and I saw a lot of locations on York Boulevard. She said to call “this place” but I kept saying, “I don't think I want to, mom.” But I did. I listened to her and I called that place. I remember the lady saying, “There are 10 applicants before you, but go ahead and give me an application if you'd like.” So then I gave her the application, but she didn't want to lease--she wanted month-to-month. There was a lot to do at the salon so I wasn’t sure I wanted it, but I gave her the application. Later that week I found my husband in a hotel with one of the many women—and that was three months already living like that. Knowing that he was cheating, I would just cry out to God, asking him to restore my marriage. At that time, I said, “God, I can't do this anymore.” I was just done. I was done, but not really done, because I still wanted to be there with him. But I was done with the situation and I remember asking God to just get me out of there, that if it was of Him for me to leave my ex-husband, then He would give me that salon ... which was almost impossible because there were ten applicants before me.

I remember that day, when I called out to God, that whole night I cried out. The next day, I remember very vividly, it was like 9:48 am and she (the lady) said, "Honey, you know, there was something about you that I saw and I really loved. I just know that you're going to be very successful here. I was just in shock. I just didn't know what was going on. I was just half awake and half asleep. She said, “I'm going to go ahead and give you that salon you want and I'm going to throw away those other applicants, and give you the first month free”! I was like, “Wow! This is God!” He wanted me out. He had a bigger purpose for me and that was the salon. The salon has brought me many women that have been broken and they'll sit in my chair and I'm able to speak life to them ... We just have to tell people our story and let God do the rest … we don't have to tell them, “You have to come to God.” Just tell them our story—we all have a different story, we all come into contact with different people.

So now I have the salon. It's been a really, really hard journey, but an amazing journey.

Hadassah is in the book of Esther and it says that she (Esther) was also called Hadassah. I wanted to name the salon something that was meaningful. A lot of people pick the name of the person and then add studio or haircut to it; but I decided to make it more of something intimate—that meant something to me. I love the story of Esther. It says she left everything she knew—her family, her neighbors, she left her friends … everything. It also goes on to say that she was scared to leave everything to come to the King’s Palace, in preparation to be introduced to the king. I felt like I could relate to her. I left everything I ever knew. I left my ex-husband, his friends (which were my friends), our family … I left everything and I was scared to open the salon, because I didn't know anything about business. I am the first generation to own a business. It's been hard, but it has been all God.
Hadassah Studio, located in Los Angeles, CA.

I was only 27 years old when I opened the salon. I gave everything to God—I mean everything. Even when I opened the salon, I wasn't like, "Oh, I have a salon...” God blessed me with the salon. I wasn't perfect—I grew bitter…upset…angry. I just gave it all to God finally saying, “That's it. The enemy's not taking control of my life.” By doing that, God opens doors. Even now … it’s a door opening!

It took almost two years to forgive. I had to forgive myself first; and I had to forgive him. I can now say I hold no anger or bitterness … I pray for him. God has healed me in many ways and that has great.

I think I can say to women out there—especially to young women, or really, age doesn’t matter. This is been such a big journey in my life. I was also raised by a single mom. I was molested. My dad was incarcerated. I had an unwanted pregnancy. There were so many things that I went through in order to get to where I am today, where I feel free. There is a God and He is big and no matter your situation, your problems, or how big you think it is, He is in control. The enemy wants you to always look at your past telling you, "You did this, or you did that...” but God has something better for you. He will get you where you want to be, or where He feels is best for you. Just be you and give it to God, because God has bigger plans for everyone. Take courage and be that person. If you don't have a father on earth, you have a (heavenly) Father. He's big. I'm not the best hairdresser, but I do have a Father that is a King and so because of Him, is where I am today. Because of Him is my salon has been successful. Because of Him I am able to raise my daughter.

Everyone has a story, and we should all share it, because we don't know what impact it can have on the next person. My story might not help some, but perhaps the other person. In the book of Joshua, Chapter 4, they were told to get stones to remember … we all have a story and we should share it.

Hadassah Hair Studio is located at 5136 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90042. To watch a fun video of Jammy sharing her top three hair products, visit Fashioned Magazine’s YouTube channel or click on links provided on this blog. Jammy’s story can be heard on Fashioned Magazine’s iTunes podcast or watched on Fashioned Magazine’s YouTube channel (click on links). To check out (or visit) Hadassah Studio online, click on Hadassah Studio's Facebook (link) or Instagram at @hadassahhairstudio


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