NYFW.. You Came and Conquered!

So if you missed NYFW or are still trying to catch up and don't know where to start.. Anna Wintour🌌😍😘, one of our Fashion icon idols just dropped an interview on her thoughts for the entire NYFW! Watch it here. One of the points MRS. Wintour made that I absolutely love and agree with 💯 is the use of many different diverse models this year. From RiRi's fierce new line with Puma to Tom Ford's stunning return. Also can I just say, we have been waiting for you, Tom Ford😌 and you did not disappoint... Your new Line is absolutely breath taking and definitely made my top three this year. Rihanna's line Fenty is also on the list because girl you killed this show it was straight fire 🔥. I loved how beautiful each piece was but was slayed with a background of a motocross show😵. Last I have to say, Michael Kors. I'm gonna get a little bit biased.. hold on! The reason I picked him for my top three, out of the many reasons that I love his show, was because of my girl, Ashley Graham💋💋💋... When I saw that girl walking down your runway I instantly was is shook and all. Being a girl of bigger size, when you find someone who is not only taking the model industry by storm but is changing the rules, YOU MUST FOLLOW! 👰 👏👏 For you Ashley, love you girl! Sorry for such a long post, but HELLO it's NYFW, your gonna have to expect that💃... Anyway I wanna here your thoughts on this year's NYFW🗽.... What was your top 3 and why?

Credit for YouTube video goes to Vogue magazine

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