Plaid Approved

According to Harper's Bazaar, Glamour Magazine, Who What Wear and King 5, the 2018 fall fashion trend making its comeback, is (drum roll) plaid. That's right this clueless shaped style is making it’s way back on the racks and into our hearts. Just in time for New York Fall Fashion Week too! There's so many ways to rock this style and I would be totally bugging if I didn’t share them with you.

This timeless fashion trend is showstopper with is cute but chic look that is sure to turn heads. Since we coming into fall pairing this skirt with a cute sweater, stockings or panty hose, and boots or booties will give you a simple yet smart look for the day!

Blazers are a hot ticket this season and believe it or not this must have fashion trend looks even better in plaid!

  • 3.      A dress

When most of you think of a plaid dress we might think… schoolgirl! But here pictures it will surely change your mind and show that this look is very mature and gorgeous if styled correctly!

  • 4.      Pants


Now if you're someone that doesn’t get your kicks with skirts or dresses then pants are definitely your thing, and you’re in luck because plaid pants are fabulous….

  • 5.      Accessories

Everyone knows the importance of accessories they can make or break the outfit... But rocking your outfit with a cute pair of plaid shoes, or scarf, or even a purse can ….

Plaid is back and taking this year’s fall fashion for a ride and I would be “totally bugging” if I didn’t jump on this bandwagon…. 

                                                                               Muah, Kyree

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