Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa Review

Last weekend two of my best friends and I spent two magic filled days and one blissful night at the Grand Californian Hotel located in Anaheim California. Yep, that hotel. After many, many reviews from people online and people we know raving about this place we all decided to stay the night.
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Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is a flagship hotel at the Disneyland Resort with a AAA four-diamond rating that is themed as a National- Park Lodge. With styling from the 20-th century American Arts & Crafts movement, this hotel thematically fits well with Disney California Adventure. It even offers an entrance from the hotel directly to DCA. Being the Resorts newest and luxurious hotel they welcome guest from all over including DVC ( Disney Vacation Club) members. It includes some the resorts best restaurants such a Napa Rose, character-based table service restaurant Storyteller’s Café and the underrated counter service restaurant Whitewater Snacks.

This review features room photos, reviews from two of the three restaurants, the pros and cons of the theme and my overall thoughts on my stay. That being said let's get started.  For me, the most gorgeous feature of the hotel is the entrance. When you walk through the magical sliding front doors, you enter into a whole new world. As a girl who has lived in Southern California for a while now, anytime you can escape the smog and traffic of SoCal without actually leaving the wonderful amenities of living in SoCal, you take it!
Credit: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/
I was completely transported to a lodge with one step through the door. Even though it was a nice 68 degrees outside-- looking at the structure of the grand fireplace sent chills down the spine. I literally felt like there was a blizzard outside and I needed to sit by the fire with a nice cup of hot cocoa basking in the ambiance of the piano, people and if you know what I mean, silence. But we needed to check- in, the problem is check-in is not until 3 p.m. This could be a problem except we are at Disneyland. So we checked our bags in and went into the park – a process that was very easy. We also had a reservation for Storytellers at 9:30 so we had many things to keep us distracted while we waited for our rooms to be done.
*Storytellers review
If I were to make a list of my top character- based restaurants it would go like this, (keep in mind this order is based on best food, ambiance, time waiting to be seating, character time and overall magical experience…
1.      Storytellers (DGC)
2.     Plaza Inn (Located in Disneyland)
3.     Goofy’s Kitchen ( Located in The Disneyland Hotel)
In my opinion, Storytellers has the whole package, great ambiance filled with many character photo opportunities, delicious food and a hard working staff there to make sure you have everything you need. Rating 5/5
Finally, at 3 we checked in to our hotel. But as you can imagine the 3 pm crowd is different than the “nobody’s up” 8 am crowd.  In short, there were lines. Luckily there was staff planted around the check-in lines to walk down the line with their I-pads starting vacation goers check-in process. Basically, they were there to go through all the formalities such as checking to make sure you actually booked a room; so when you get to the front desk all you have to do is pay and get your room keys. Seriously, I wish all hotels did this.
Credit: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com
Walking into our room was like a breath of magical air.  It was a gorgeous room overlooking the courtyard with every 15-20 mins the monorail passing by. Now I know what you could be possibly thinking-- that sound after a while must have been annoying. Honestly, after we closed our patio door we barely heard it. The room still kept the Park theme with hidden traces of Disney characters, we had the underrated but adorable Chip and Dale. The beds were incredibly comfortable with great bedding and excellent pillows, the dual headed shower one being the standard removable head and the other a waterfall.  Many other amenities of this room included the expensive samples of the Disneyland’s body care line H20+ Beauty, robes for all guest and upon request slippers. There was a large TV but we didn’t watch anything we just listened to the soundtracks of their award-winning shows like Fantasmic, world of color and the songs that are played throughout the park.
Credit: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/
Did I mention this hotel had a pool? Well, they had three and of course a spa. One is a children's pool, another having a huge water slide and the other a regular standard but the rather large pool. Each one having food service available as well as cabana rentals.

*Whitewater Snacks
I had visited this place prior but I will give a review of the time during my stay. We went down to Whitewater snacks on our second day for some good and quick breakfast and plain and simple that is what we got. A feature about this place we didn’t know until it was too late is that they have mobile ordering. I am a huge advocate of mobile ordering if they have it I’m doing it. You have been waiting in lines all day at the park, why do it if you don’t have to? It would have come in handy too because the lines here were particularly long. Note they are not always long as previously stated, the other times I have been here we were able to walk straight through the line, we must have just shown up during their peak time. Either way, the wait was worth it because the food was great. I ordered the breakfast burrito, one friend ordered the American breakfast and the other ordered the avocado toast (Pictured above).

We came to this hotel during a great season, right before the peak or I should say right before Star Wars land opened. So It wasn’t as busy as other reviews have stated however the price did reflect a peak season. A two-bedroom overlooking the courtyard for four adults (one couldn’t make it) was a little over $650 a night. This price also included our AP discount. We know that this hotel was the most expensive out of the three in the resort and with the many great things the other two hotels offer for a fraction of this cost it can be a bit hard to justify unless you want to splurge. That’s what we wanted to do, splurge and experience and we did.
Credit: disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com
Would I ever come back? Of course but we all decided that if we were to come back we are going to splurge even more for a better room with better views. So here is my rating scale for the hotel as follows…
·        Food 4/5
·        Ambience 5/5
·        Service 4/5
·        Cleanliness 5/5
·        Price 3/5
·        Activities and Amenities 4/5
·        Pools 5/5
Overall 4.2 /5

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