Nighttime Routines

Night time routines, how important are they?? Very! It's been proven time and time again how good or bad your night goes sets up how your morning will be! Here are some great tips to help you have a great night sleep and wake up feeling fabulous!

 1. Take a hot shower or bath 
After a long day at work or at school it's nice to just come home and wash the day away. Also standing in a hot shower or taking a hot bath can relieve tension and reduce stress. It also causes your brain to literally relax making your body feel calm and more drowsy ready for bed.
2. Unplug
As hard as this is for me, the nights that I don't look at my screen and just relax, my sleep has been much better. So unplug and put your phones aside to charge for the next day, while you charge for the next day. 
3. Start a Gratitude Journal
This is probably my favorite thing to do at night, writing in my gratitude journal. All I do every night is journal five things, that I am grateful for, that happened today! This can be something small like, "my commute to work wasn't bad today", to something big like a passing grade on a test or a Promotion from work. Just start journaling your five things every night before bed and soon you'll start to realize that your days were maybe not as bad as they seemed. Also, it is scientifically proven that the last thing you see or think about sets the tone for at least the first four hours of sleep. So why not have them be positive... Right??
4. Lastly, prep for the morning! 
This might mean picking out your outfit for the next day in advance, prepping your breakfast or lunch, facial and hair care! These are things we know we are going to have to do in the morning regardless! Why not get them done beforehand so you can take your time and enjoy your morning.
Let's be real waking up in the morning is a true blessing that most of are taken for granted. If you do these steps I promise waking up on the wrong side of the bed will be a thing of the past! 
-Kyree... 💋
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