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New York Fashion Week is upon us and we couldn't be more excited! we cannot wait to see some of our classic faves such as Elie Tahari, Alexander Wang, Greta Constantine, Alaira, Zac Posen, Dsquared2 and many more. This year, the excitement is doubled for the rush of new designs that will hit this year's scene. While some of these designers are seasoned, the featured artists below are new––ready to tackle the fierce streets of NYC (though Kyle Richards is no stranger to the world of fashion). Here are a few of those we are eager to see:

Eliana Murargy

Kyle and Shahida

Kyle Richards And Allergan Celebrate Mother's Day In NYC
Kyle Richards
Credit: Craige Barritt/Getty Images

Raisa Vanessa


Credit: Shopbop


Keep an eye out for thes artist and many more as they take over the Big Apple this week! To keep updated on a few of our favorite designers make sure you check out our Instagram and of course here with us on the blog.
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