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We are back this month, giving you more...from this month's issue! We are going to introduce you to Bayley Saenz, a BRAVE high-school junior who had the courage to step out and run for Miss Buena Park! From the moment we set foot on the campus, we fell in love with Miss Bayley! As you read her Q&A, you, too, will do the same!

Buena Park High School
Junior Year

FM: You're a swimmer – – have you always loved swimming? What is the first thing you can remember about ever swimming as a kid?

BS: I have always loved to swim ever since I was younger, my parents could never get me out of the pool. The first thing I remember about swimming as a kid is when I first learned to swim without my floaties. I was so scared, I didn't believe in myself but my parents told me that I was a big kid and I could do it on my own. I remember swimming across that pool that day and feeling like the coolest person in the world.

FM: Water polo or swimming? What position do you play? (Varsity, jv, captain, other?)

BS: If I had to choose between the two I would choose water polo. Last year I was the JV team captain and I was subbing varsity. This year I will be a varsity starter and I am so excited for the season. Last year as JV team captain I was the sprinter(the person who swims as fast as they can to get the ball during line up) and I played point and wings and this year I'll be second sprinter (the person beside the sprinter) and I'll be the wings.

FM: What is it that you love about this sport?

BS: I love the aggressiveness of the sport and I love being in the water all the time. This sport is amazing because you push your body to breaking point but you don't give up because you know you're not broken yet.

So, you attend Buena park high school and I hear that you were running for Miss BP. How did that come about?

BS: I didn't always want to run for miss Buena Park, but when one of the parents on the booster club board talked to me about it I really wanted to try to run. That parent has been on my side ever since the beginning and I am so grateful for them.

FM: Have you always had an aspiration to run in a pageant? If not, what was the push for you to make the decision to do that?

BS: I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try the pageant because I knew that if I tried hard enough I could win.

FM: In what ways Has your life changed at all since you  began running for Miss BP?

BS: I have been busier that's for sure. I used to be busy because of sports but now I have sports and everything for Miss Buena Park.

FM: What would you like to see happen, or what are you hoping you can accomplish should you receive this title?

BS: I'm not doing this for the title, I am just so glad to be apart of the Soroptimist business and I'm excited to see what's in store for me this next year.

FM: So, I'm sure you've been countered volunteering and donating time to different causes and organizations – – which has been your best experience thus far?

BS: My best experience has been going out and reaching to the community and trying to get sponsored. I raised a total of $730 towards the Soroptimist program. I loved getting to talk to everyone one on one and getting to talk to them about everything

FM: We, at fashion, are believers that every young woman is fashioned and purposed for destiny – – what are some of the things in life you hope to see happen in yours?

BS: I hope to become a nurse one day. I want to travel to forgiven countries and help the sick. I want to go to Azusa Pacific University and play for their girls water polo team and swim for them.

FM: Anything inspirational you would like to say to girls who may not know they are called to do something great?

BS: Girls everyone was designed for a purpose, don't let your friends, your boyfriend, or your family tell you who you are or your purpose. You have your own destiny and you decide where you feel most called. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and no one has the right to put you down. Arise and let your light so shine and show people the real you who is beautiful inside and out.

FM: Booties or flip-flops?

BS: Flip flops.

FM: Dress or jeans?

BS: Jeans.

FM: Taco Bell or Del Taco?

BS: Del Taco.

FM: Atta girl!

BS: Beach or mountains? Beach.

FM: Something you do when you were feeling discouraged to help get you out of the dumps?

BS: I listen to music and work out to get my head out of the clouds because when I feel down I put myself up when I'm working out because it makes me forget about everything.

FM: Who or what helps keep you focused?

BS: The thing that keeps me focused is my future, I know that I need to be the best I can be now because that is what's gonna reflect my future.

FM: Who do you go to when things seem a little tough or Rocky?

BS: I go to God when I feel down, when I feel like I can't move forward He reminds me that it's not the end of the world and that the day will get better if I forget and move on.

FM: Bucket list top three items… Go!

BS: 1. Sky dive; 2. Swim in the Olympics; 3. Save a life


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