Our October Issue is HERE!

It's all true!  Our October issue of Fashioned, our new monthly online mag, is here! Click on the link, enjoy & spread the word!

October Issue: http://issuu.com/fashionedmagazine/docs/october_2015.issue_2.mag1  

While this month's issue is dedicated to women across the world who are fighting cancer, it is for every person who needs a little bit of courage, bravery and the will to fight!

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Many thanks to this month's cover beauty: Ashlyn Pike; Cover photo by: Brittany Treglia with additional Creative and Magazine team members: Benjamin andAlisha Phalen, Janae Klatt, Edna Dee, Regina L. Crosby, Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck, Kristy Scanlon-Gerbrandt, Andrea Tejada, Chris Genin, Cassidy Anderson, Kalan Jackson, Lorie Radina, Suzie Genin and a special thank you to this month's guest writer, Andrea Orozco, for her beautiful words of life and encouragement.  Elizabeth Vaughn, this was in honor of your beautiful life...you are gone from our world, but not gone from our hearts. Ami Whitlow-Brown, Praying For Ami Whitlow-Brown, Trini Gomez - we are in your corner and are lifting you extraordinary women in prayer!


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