Mamma Said (There'd Be Days Like This)!

Did we really just SKIP some of May AND June?!?! Lol. Talk about crazy months and how mad the time becomes once Memorial Weekend zooms on by!

So, looks like we are in July now, but failed to share both, our May and June issues with you guys (a holiday vacation to Hawaii in May and producing your magazine's first full-fledged #fashionshow in addition to being a maid of honor in June will do that to you) so HERE you are! World, this is May, a super light-hearted and sweet tribute to moms and well ... fashion, of course!

Featuring everything from our #fashion #lookbook to saluting moms across the globe, this was a tender, yet tres chic issue! If you haven't yet checked it (or any of our other issues of #Fashioned), why not pull up a chair, grab your fave libation and read the night (or day) away!

As for June? Well, that'll just follow in one our upcoming blogs ... all to be posted within the next 24 hours, I'm sure (wish I were kidding)! ;) It's pretty interesting how you love them all, yet the next is always more of a joy than the one before. And so now, June is on her way!

Don't forget ... you are amazing and fashioned for greatness -- don't EVER forget it, no matter what they say!


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