Here Comes the Bride

Okay, so this may not be our BIGGEST issue, but we have to say, it is definitely one of our favorite! It could be because of the beauty with which our cover girl, beauty Cassidy Funk, exudes in this picture (Britney Nicole Photography). The focal point being the bouquet, and yet with the blurred vision of our bride, the beauty of the bouquet pales to Cassidy's radiance on her special day.

So many fun features in this issue! That might be one of the reasons it's a fave! From bridal #beautyessentials leading up to her big day, we also have a beautiful story of the journey of Stephanie Singer, founder of Action to Love, who is open and raw as a person can be about sharing her departure from living a gay lifestyle. You can't argue with the genuineness with which she shares and you leave that article with a great sense of wow. So be sure to give that article a go! The cool thing is that Stephanie made herself available for some Q&A if you wanted to contact her. We also will be featuring her in this week's podcast of Fashioned Radio!, now featured on #iTunes -- that's right! :) 

Some of our Summer Must-Have's make this issue an especially festival-fun one where fashion is concerned, as we have the inside scoop on the what AND we had the chance to feature some of our very own on what #fashion makes their tick go tock! Coupled with beauty finds, topped with accessory goals, every page makes our heart smile ... we hope it does the same for you!

With all of our love!

Fashioned Magazine

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