Sweater Weather

☁Time to bring out the boots, stack on the layers and stir up some hot cocoa. ☕ Yes, it's that time again, it's Sweater Weather. It warms my soul, literally, when I see scarves, cardigans, beanies and booties of all shapes and sizes as far as the eye can see. Now don't get me wrong the other seasons are amazing too, in their own way... But something about walking outside and seeing a cold overcast, but you're nice and toasty in your outfit... AGH!  Also I love the fact that when I straighten or curl my hair for the day, when I get home it's still the same way.. not a huge puff ball that awaits to be combed out! Anyways I wanna know what is your favorite thing about colder weather, whether its the food, clothes, movies, anything really . Sound off in the comments section! 
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