Thank you....

As I was doing my daily routine of trying to get out of work on time so I could stay in traffic, just to get home and cook....and it hits me. Not once today did I give honor and thanks where honor is due, not just for today but everyday. Me being a military brat at such a young age, I never really understood the things my dad was doing for our country. But the older I get the more and more I am just in awe of everything he did. He truly was and is my superhero! In fact every person who did something, anything to protect our country... You are the real superheros! You are the people who run towards bullets as others run away. The ones who run into the burning building as we are trying to run out. You are the brave, courageous men and women we need and thank God everyday we have in this country. So from the Fashioned Team we all say, THANK YOU for your service! 💋💖🇺🇸

F.Y.I that handsome man pictured above is my dad. Do you have a superhero in your life?  We wanna see them, so please post them in the comments section below! 🔊

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