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Okay ladies, those of you who have a love for rompers and jumpsuits good news this is a fashion trend that as for now is here to stay! The sad truth is that a lot of us feel like we are not able to pull off a jumpsuit. For reasons, we either don't have the " body type" or your feel like your not cool enough to wear one. Well truth is, wearing a jumpsuit is not about body type or level of coolness, it is about how you style it. According to Who What Wear,  "Fashion girls balance the industrial feel of the jumpsuit with smart details to soften the look --- waist defining belts, strappy heels, ladylike bags, and delicate jewelry. Even paired with sneakers, the ensemble can instantly become underscored with an undeniable coolness."  So keeping these tips in mind here are a few ways you can dress your jumpsuits! 

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This stripe jumpsuit from nasty gal is super cute and very trendy. This outfit can be paired with sneakers (such as in the picture) or with some cute black or white heels. Keep in mind to stick to solid colored footwear, such as either black or white, to help from clashing with the stripes.
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I love this look! From the matching hat and jacket to the heels, dark lip color and big hoop earrings this outfit will definitely turn heads.

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These next two looks are very cute with their sporty chic vibes. The simplicity of this outfit works very well, from the low bun to the white sneakers, such an easy outfit to rock feeling super comfortable but looking so cute. 

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This is probably my favorite jumpsuit look. She is killing this, with the matching hat and booties. Such a fun outfit to wear on the go and feel fabulous on your way. 
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Of course I couldn't do a list without adding denim. I mean Denim on Denim is a trend again and even though I still haven't jumped on that train yet, this is a easy way to have that trendy denim look while still rocking that comfy style.  

Just remember , whenever you feel like dressing up but don't want to put to much effort into it, just throw on one of  these classic flight suits with some cute footwear and rock it, cause girl YOU ARE FLY!

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Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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