The Hunt is On!

Target just released that starting on April 14th, for a short period of time, they will be selling Hunter Boots. Hunter Boots.... I hope you can hear my excitement though my words, because when two stores I love collaborate it sends me lots of warm feelings, though not warmer than the feeling these boots give to my toes.  Here are some of the fab styles that will be sold during this time.

Technical Boots

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These technical " Wellies" as described on the website, are for rougher terrain and slicker roads, being designed to take a punch and still look flawless.

Adjustable Boots

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Designed for those of us who have bigger feet, but smaller calves. Handcrafted with the convenient adjustable strap located in the back of the boot, giving us the ablility to tighten our boots, to give us an extra fitted comfort.

Chelsea Boots


These boots or I should say booties are nice for a chilly day or maybe when its drizzling outside.

Short Boots


How fun is this bright yellow short style color boot. With these on you will be as the Temptations say, " Sunshine on a cloudy day"

Tall Boots

These classic knee high boots, with a glossy or matte flare finish is just what your closet needs.

So the big question is are these boots a good investment to make. Answer........ Yes! These boots range in prices from $50 - $500. Each one handcrafted over a three day process to withstand anything from rain to a sandstorm. With durability to last years and years, since 1856 to be exact, when these boots were worn by British soldiers. To the present day being worn by royalty, celebrities and fashionistas.... like you!

Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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