Shh it's a secret!

Coty Airspun loose powder. This beauty secret has been a legacy since 1935 and it its making its way back onto the scene. It features particles that are twirled and swirled until they reach a cloud like softness, some would classify as light as air. In fact major beauty suppliers have reviewed it as the ultimate coverage with a lightweight feel. This is also a great must have for those who love to contour and highlight their faces, so they can have that velvety flawless finish. Now we know that some of you are still trying to figure out the science behind contouring, don't worry we are with you, but this powder also helps with many other things as well. Such as hiding fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. It is designed with tints that are spread throughout, which are made to lay flat and evenly on your skin for long periods of time. Let me also add that this translucent powder works great on all types and shades of skin, it is dermatological tested as well so it is safe to use on sensitive skin. Coty is featured in its original scent (a somewhat strong perfume scent, but fades after a few minutes) or an unscented version. You can pick up these little beauties at any of your local drugstores such as Walgreen and CVS, but also at Walmart and Target with a price range from $5 to $7. Will you be giving this beauty secret a try? 

Photo Credit :
Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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