Spring / Summer Color Trends of 2018

According to Vogue Italy, These are the top ten  trendy spring and summer colors for 2018. These colors range from two opposed directions with one palette being very vibrant and strong colors to a pastel palette.  Colors from Lavender to Military green will having you hopping into spring feeling chic and trendy! Here are a few of the colors to look out for....


Credit: http://people.com/style/buy-it-now-lavender-springs-must-have-hue/
Millennial Pink had its moment, but it has officially been dethroned by this years spring 2018 color taking runways by storm... Lavender. Not only does this scent soothe our minds but the color has been rocking our core, from Michael Kors beautiful over sized sweaters to Victoria Beckham's fierce suits. This hue is definitely a hit! And for those of you in California, there is a Lavender Festival in Cherry Valley, California this June, celebrating and showcasing all things lavender! If you're within two hours of the Palm Springs area, this is a must-do for you!


Credit : https://glowsly.com/spring-summer-2018-color-trends/ 
It is not a coincidence that color signifying royalty comes in the same season of the wedding of the year. Obviously I'm talking about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royalty bliss (Insert heart eye emoji), we love weddings! Anyways this can be worn casually or more formally, like the suits walked down the Gucci runway this year. Either way this color will give you the attention desired by also continuing to give you a slight soft floral look. Clap on queens..

Rapture Rose

credit : https://glowsly.com/spring-summer-2018-color-trends/
This color will have you feeling like a princess, or a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Like I have said for years, or maybe I thought I have, the color pink makes everything look pretty, EVERYTHING. Just look at these styles that Marc Jacobs served during his spring fashion show. Agh! So fetching! Fun fact did you know that Rapture means to bring intense joy or pleasure. Yep, that sums up how I'm feeling about this rose!

Sky Blue

Credit: https://jmalay.com/trending-top-color-trends-spring-2018/ 

Breathe of fresh air, this sky blue color trend will have you floating above the rest. I love the softness the color brings to each dynamic piece from a beautiful sun dress to a bold suit set, it will have you feeling on cloud 9.


Credit: https://jmalay.com/trending-top-color-trends-spring-2018/ 
Summer is on the way and the sunshine is here to stay. This vibrant energizing hue will have you ready to step out the door and start your day.  From swim to body suits, wherever you go people will know where you are. Vogue says in 2018, Yellow will be making a comeback. Well looking at these gorgeous styles we're sorry it ever left. 

Tomato Red

Credit : https://glowsly.com/spring-summer-2018-color-trends/
What is summer without a little spice. The reds have it, and we want it. This color has always been a show stopper and to have a list  not include this fire tone would be a crime. Like we have said before in other post red looks good in pretty much any form. As a splash or pop of color or the whole ensemble, red has mastered the ground of fashion for years and is not going anywhere. 

Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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