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Summer is here and that means those long hot days are here as well. As much as we enjoy and daydream about the summer sometimes our bodies don't. Not because of the fun that were having during the summer but because of the damage that we don't realize is happening to our bodies during that fun. No worries though, here are some really great tips and products to help you keep your body cool and fresh during those especially hot days.

1. Keeping your body hydrated

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I know you’re probably thinking, duh! Keep your body hydrated, but hear me out. There are tons ways to  keep your body hydrated but the best way is to just drink water. Fruit infused water is another great way to keep yourself hydrated while also getting those daily vitamins that you need, that fruit can provide to you. One of my very favorite infused recipes is mint with watermelon. It is such a cool and yummy taste that leaves my body feeling nice, refreshed and ready to start the day. Interested in infusing your water here is an article with 11 different water infusion recipes and their benefits

2. Keeping your skin hydrated

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Keeping your skin hydrated is just as important as keeping your body hydrated. When you go out in the sun you don't just drink water, right, you put on sunscreen or some kind of skin protectant. We have to take care of both not just one. Evian stepped up and saved the day by creating a facial spray that is amazing! With all the benefits that this provides it cannot be classified as just water in a can. This spray hydrates, tones, and refreshes skin throughout the day. In fact the official site states that it is the only facial mist that can care for your skin on a daily basis with the purity of Evian natural mineral water. It even helps remove perspiration, ocean salt, and pool chlorine from your skin. Also putting a light mist over your makeup can revive the color of your makeup during the midday. So cool, literally.

3.  Ta-Ta chafing 

It is time to say bye-bye to the chafe and hello to the relief. If you have problems with chafing in any of the areas of your body here are some awesome products that you can use that are small enough to fit in your bag but big enough to handle any problem.

  When you want to feel smooth, dry and lovely, sprinkle some of this scented powder all over. Its cornstarch and kaolin base will absorb moisture to keep your skin nice a velvety smooth. It smells great and since it's from lush you know its made from all organic materials.. so it's safe.
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This easy vitamin riched application from body Glide will help retain skin moisture with a dry invisible barrier that will be against chafing, irritation and raw skin caused by rubbing.
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4. Blotting paper

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NYXblotting paper will help you get ride of the excess oil and shine that the glorious summer sun provides. Just swipe, wipe and throw it away, it is just that easy.

5. Summer glow

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One of my new favorite products to use this summer is a glowing skin product from Iconic London called the prep step and glow. This spray can be used to prep your skin before applying makeup, to be a finisher, or to just apply on bare skin to leave you with a gorgeous glowing finish. Also its 100% vegan! This spray has extract of cucumber and chamomile and it is also rich in antioxidants, green tea and vitamin E which helps to condition your skin. Let’s not forget it also has caffeine, which can Aid in combating dark circles around your eyes. This product will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, revitalize, and glowing.

Fun fact... this product can be added to your nighttime facial cleansing routine. After you cleaned your face spray that's on your on your face and go to sleep you will wake up in the morning with your skin looking radiant and beautiful. Also it is not necessarily only to be used on your face, you can spray it on your body to give you that beautiful summer glow.

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