Fall Investment Pieces You Need to Buy Now

Fall is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about investing in a few statement pieces. Now, of course, it is important to talk about trends that are going to take off and ones we can put in the back burner. 
Millennial or Melodramatic purple
Last year it was all about millennial pink, well its time to move over, its purples turn! 
Silky Satin
The '90s is already an out of the parking trend for the last couple of years but specifically for this fall season Satin everything will be a thing. From pants to shirts and dresses make sure you have one or all in your collection this year.
Boohoo, $16
Super Long Hems Coats
Lately, all of our coats have been a little, short. This season it's going to be all about that dramatic length! 

Asymmetrical Neckline 
I know this is going to be a trend a few people need to warm up to, but I am already burning up with some of the styles I have already seen! 
Boohoo, $16
Another color that will be in trend this season is gold, 24K to be exact!
 Zhivago Revolve, $484
Power Shoulders
Not gonna lie I have been waiting for this trend to come back. I mean who doesn't love a good broad shoulder?!

These are just a few trends that will be a hit next season, so make sure you run, don't walk to the end of summer sales and look for a few pieces to add. Happy Shopping!

💋 - Kyree McField♥
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