Worth The Wait

There are many times where I have wondered,  when will me single season end. When will I cross paths with the one, my forever one and become someones forever. To many of us, who have been single for long, almost too long, these can be questions that run through our mund constantly-- or at least during wedding season. 

In our Fall issue one of our Friends of Fashioned, Lizbeth Espinoza writes about Actively Waiting.  In the article she talks about the importance of having boundries in relationships. Espinoza said, "If I want to be faithful in my marriage and have good boundries with men once I'm married. Then I need to have healthy boundries with males in my singleness."  Can I get an Amen!  She talks about finding yourself, Stay active in purity, Activate faithfulness, building healthy relationships and so much more. To read more click here!

Credit: http://www.beautyarise.org/partners
Lizbeth is the director of Beauty Arise, she has also helped produce fashion shows in many countries such as Mexico, France, Cuba and USA. Read more about her adventures in her blog, Unfading Beauty. 

-Kyree.. 💋
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