Face Your Freckles!!

By Janae Klatt

Why do you have boogers all over your body?” Even though these words came from the mouth of a very young boy who seemingly had no social skills, my eight-year-old soul felt the wound deeply.  Boogers, spots, a large game of Connect-the-Dots, or millions of holes, are several examples of the many ways my skin has been described.  These skin abnormalities are often more commonly known as, freckles.  My “angel kisses,” or freckles have followed me all my life and have brought with them, their fair share of insults and insecurities.

For many people, freckles are a beauty mark to desire or attain, but like most insecurities, the grass was always greener, or as in this case, the beauty was more beautiful on someone else’s skin.  Because of this, I had often struggled with the insecurity of comparison, wishing my skin was smooth and tan like so many of my friends growing up.  According to Daily Mail, a study was recently conducted in Ireland, with 2,230 participants, where scientists found that gene IRF4 causes a rare genetic combination.  This gene has been found to cause the unique combination of brown hair, blue eyes and freckles—the combo I just so happen to possess. The older I’ve gotten, I’ve become more comfortable in the beautiful skin that I live in and I have come to love my freckles. And now I can confidently add that I am amongst the unique.

Because of my love of magazines and fashion, the reoccurring theme I have found is that freckles are actually the “must-have accessory” for the runway this Fall. Because of that, many talent and model agencies have created searches specifically for freckled beauties, causing women to step up, representing their skin with confidence. Thanks to my dad, who had enforced the “no makeup rule” until I was 16, I learned to embrace natural beauty.  Many years later, as a 31-year-old woman, I still wear light makeup; never trying to cover up my freckles or smooth out my spotted skin. 
Maybe you too have the rare mixture of brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. Or maybe your genetic makeup has created another exceptional display of beauty. Whatever your skin tone, hair color, eye shape or body type, you are beautiful. We are all masterfully designed and created.  Just like a freckle is unlike its neighboring partners, no two humans are the same. How incredible is that?!? We are all incomparably beautiful. So this fall, whether or not you sparkle with freckles, choose to shine brightly and boldly. You have beauty to offer that nobody else has, because you are the only you.  Be.you.tiful.


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