Hello World...Fashioned Magazine has Arrived!

Hello World!

We are officially up and running.Who are we? We are Fashioned Magazine!!! We are not your average magazine. Not only do we have a love for fashion, we also have a love for the people who wear it. We are here to laugh and sometimes cry with you, also to encourage you.

As for fashion, there will be many different things to catch your eye. We want to appeal to young women and men who are just looking for something fabulous, yet a little different then the norm. If that's you, you have found the right magazine--it's called Fashioned!!! Doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Follow us on social media and be sure to visit our website for your monthly online issue:

Facebook: @fashionedmagazine
Twitter: @fashionedmag

Website: www.fashionedmagazine.com
Youtube: youtube.com

Thanks for checking in...we look forward to hearing from you!!!


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