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Hey there Fashion World!

Don't know if you have heard...but we are HERE!!!! So come check us out. We believe that we will have just what you are looking for--with the talent and great writers on the team, you are bound to find something that strikes a good note! Between topics such as confidence (and in today's world who COULDN'T use more of THAT?!?!), experiencing a fresh new start and even a fun feature on our personal take of Fifty Shades of Grey! All of those, and MORE! As far as ladies and fashion are concerned, you KNOW we all need to chat about this Fall's must-haves--and boy, are there quite a few!

Have you ever been at a place in your life, where no matter what you did, or no matter who you were with or what you wore, you still felt a little yucky on the inside?  Well, we at Fashioned have definitely experienced that at some point in time - yes, EVERY one of us!  And so, this magazine goes a little (or a LOT) deeper, than just what is on the outside. But don't get it Twisted....we love a Bomb Outfit.

If any of these things tickle your fancy, we'd love to have you come and check us out! We really hope you enjoy every bit of it...we sure do!

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