Cutest Thrift Shop in the O.C.

So many of us who love to shop enjoy it at any store, simply because we are shoppers! I mean, who can't find even the cutest of items to purchase at a Home Depot or Lowe's?!? I CAN!! So, even though most of my personal favorite shopping happens at #TopShop #Nordies #H&M #BananaRepublic #urbanoutfitters and the occasional shopping spree at #TJMXX ...yes, I said it, after too long, it can be a little hurtful on the pocket-book, let alone when you don't plan on staying at your current size "12" for too long!

Take a quick peek at the video to see what we are talking about...and yes, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel! :)

Solution? Thrift-shopping at it's FINEST ... and I DO mean FINE -- Rare Thrift Shop, a Goodwill Boutique. We were FLOORED at how adorbale this place was! Talk about already having gone through the rif-raf clothes, they've done it! And everything looks like a cute hipster store one might find on Melrose, Silver Lake or Echo Park! Not only that, the clothes on their racks were WAY cute and all at the Goodwill price. Well, it's a Goodwill store, for crying out loud!

Cute racks and displays! Great clothing selection! Decor? Hip and modern. Smell? Great!! Prices? THRIFT! What more could you ask for?!? Seating? YES...and super cool! If you live anywhere in Anaheim, and even if you don't, "Rare," is the place to be! So on your next round about to the happiest place on earth, stop by "Rare" first...and THEN give a warm hello hug to Mickey!  

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