We Forgot to Post Our Last Issue .. LoL

Hello world!

We are Fashioned Magazine and we LOVE getting the latest trends, fashion news, beauty updates and our take on love, life and the pursuit of happiness!

To the left is our most recent publication, with our next being published within the next 24 - 36 hours...it's our overhauled look and we are SO EXCITED!!

If you haven't yet visited us online, please do! We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes (podcast), Snapchat, Periscope, Pinterest and MORE! :) Our magazine has been around for a year now and we couldn't be more thrilled! If you're in your twenty, thirty or even forty-somethings, this mag is for YOU!

Remember to love yourself, be true to YOU, because there is no other you! You are beautiful just as you are!

Fashioned Magazine


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