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This weekend marks, what film awards enthusiasts would say is, The Golden Weekend. That's right it is the weekend of the 75th Golden Globes.

As a Theater major and red-carpet connoisseur, weekends like this give me so many feels, I love celebrating performing artists for their work. A tradition that I like to do is to binge-watch all the movies––or most, that are being nominated. This way if they win or don't win I can cry celebratory tears of joy or sadness and be cinematically justified.

This year's nominations are pretty good, obviously every year a few of my favorites get left out (cough cough, Girls Trip), but that's okay we can move on and still congratulate those who are being recognized. There were are quite a few that have caught my dramatic eye this year.

This movie is about troops of World War 2, who are trying to evacuate Dunkirk during the fall of France but continue to be unsuccessful due to many reasons. It is so intense from the beginning to the end with little to no graphic violence. To be honest it was so heart-gripping that if it was blood everywhere, I bloody well wouldn't be able to take it. ;) I love history and this is what really happened, so it makes it that much more honoring that people went through that to save others. Remember history always has a lesson to teach us about our future. Also Christopher Nolan directed it––that should be reason enough!

Stranger Things
I stumbled upon this show by accident and I think it's safe to say, it was destiny. This show is all kinds of amazing––from the music, to the story line, to the lovable characters (even the bad ones), to the cheesy 80's fashion. This show easily fits inside my TOP FIVE things to watch this year. Also, since it's available on Netflix (seasons 1+2), there's no reason to not obsessively view this. Go ahead, it's okay!

Get Out
This movie better win... It was so suspenseful but at the same time hilarious. The underlying tones throughout the movie are so lit, it's on fire. I enjoyed this movie so much, it's one of the movies I recommend the most to people. Now I will say there is quite a bit of choice language, so, if, like me, you don't enjoy adding "foul" to the fire, may I say, earplugs required. Regardless, I still love this movie … which says alot!

Those of you who are going to join me in my Golden movie-a-thon here are some other great titles to watch as well:
The Shape of Water
Lady Bird
Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri
I, Tanya

So enjoy your golden weekend. I hope it's filled with lots of warm blanket cuddles, laughs, crying and of course, plenty of popcorn!

Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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