The power of red....

Red is such strong color––it's the color of blood and the universal color of love. It's even the favored color for teachers when correcting their students. Red has so much power, it can change any drab thing into a Fab zing. Let's take a very casual outfit, like a cute T-shirt, some skinny jeans, low bun and some tennis shoes (e.i. what I'm wearing now). It's super plain ... very laid back. Now take that same outfit and pair it with some red lips, gasp! It magically changed.

Red lips even have the power to take an outfit previously worn, a few days ago, and present itself as brand new. If you have already worn that dress, just put on some red lipstick and no one will notice a thing! You might even get some new comments! So … why not give it a try? Tomorrow? Whatever outfit you plan on wearing, put some red lipstick on––shiny or matte, and watch your outfit surge into something FIERCE. Also, with every step you take into the world tomorrow, wherever you are going, let yourself know ... you a bad chick, honey (hair-flip & two snaps… ). Go ahead, girl! Do. Your. Red. 


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