Top 6 Winter Shoe Trends

ASOS $69.50

As the temperatures start to drop your choices of shoes will start to change. Let's be real-- if it feels anything below 60 degrees outside, the last thing I'm reaching for is a stiletto or sandal. Now I know many of you would rather risk your neck walking in heels that match your outfit, than wear a practical boot that does not fit your look in anyway. Good news though, many designers on the runway this year did not sacrifice style for functionality, giving us some of the hottest trends for the coldest season. Here are some of those looks:

  • Square-Toe Shoes
Credit: Target $24.99

  • Lugged Sole
          ASOS $157
  • Animal Print
                 ASOS $48.00
  • Knee-High Boots
Pretty Little Things $80

  • Booties
Abound $39.97

  • Combat Boots
Steve Madden $79.98

-Kyree.. 💋
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