Black Friday: Tips, Tricks and To-dos

Black Friday.... A shoppers dream... And nightmare. Black Friday can be a day filled with smiles, tears, anger and fear all at the same time especially if you are unaware and unprepared for what is to come. Don't worry we are here to give you some life saving tips on how to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the busiest shopping day of the year! 

1. Plan
This may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many people do not plan before entering into the war zone. Most to all stores participating in Black Friday will post their deals for the year days, weeks and sometimes months before hand online. Make sure you look through them all to find the store with the most desired deals, then print the page. One of my favorite sites to help me with my search is this site has ads to all of the major store participating in Black Friday, with just a click of a button you can search through tons of different deals, add and compare products and narrow your search before the big day. This bring me to the next tip.

2. Map it
Once you find the store(s) that you would like to go to you need to map every destination. I know mega stores such as target or Walmart will post a day before hand or sometimes even the night of where everything will be located. This is your time to map where you wanna go by which item you want the most to least. This step seems optional but trust me in the end map it ahead of time will save you tons of frustration especially if you don't make it in line in time to receive what you really want. 

3. Invite people
Every heard the saying two is better than one.. Well for Black Friday a group is better than none. Invite your friends, neighbors, co workers the woman your workout next to in your cycle class to join for this trip. Trust me the more people you have the more terrain you can cover and the more deals you can get. One time my mom decided to invite one of the families at our church just to help out we were shocked when they showed up with a horses trailer to help us get all of our items combined. Now I'm sure your not going to get a trailer full of stuff but you never know what people can bring to this adventure that will add to your gain. 

4. Tunnel vision
When you go into the store maintain your tunnel vision. You have no time to stop by the target $1 section today no matter how appealing the signs may be stay on track and remember why you are there in the first place. 

5. Get comfy
Please please understand... YOU WILL WAIT IN LINES, LOTS OF LINES. Go ahead and burn that into your brain. You will stand in a line to get in, to get the item and to check out. So you prepare yourself to be on your feet for a while, wear comfy clothes, if you live in color environments bring a blanket, stop by Starbucks on the way, LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME, and if you plan on leaving early bring a chair. Get comfy!

-Kyree.. 💋
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