Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic movie that stars fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. So when it came out that the very jewelry store the movie was based off of was opening a cafe in New York and that we could literally have "Breakfast at Tiffany's" we had to jump at the chance. The name of the restaurant is called, The Blue Box cafe, and it is the cutest little eatery ever. I'm want to explain our experience to you that we had, just incase you have a trip to New York City in mind.
This process was unfortunately anything from fabulous. The only way to reserve a table here is to either do it through an app called Resy. This seems convenient but when you and hundreds of other people are fighting, daily, to get a table in their bistro style arrangement, it is anything but. Well unless you enjoy this type of hunger games atmosphere. So it's recommended to book ninety days in advance, seems like a stretch but trust me it's for the better.
Eventually we did get our reservations though it was only for two for a party of three. Also we were running late because we underestimated New York traffic. So we called the blue box cafe and old them of our dilemma and they immediately accommodated us by assuring us they would keep our table and added a chair to complete our party. So in short terms once you get in they are very accommodating!
Just as amazing as you would expect a cafe to be at Tiffany's is exactly how it is...  So posh with it's Tiffany blue and white famous pattern all over the place, from the chairs to the chinaware. Each corner was decorated elegantly with just the right pop of color and pizzazz to keep our eyes and hearts glowing.
I cannot say enough how fantastic the service was at the blue box. Everyone from the hostess to the waitress was friendly and welcoming with smiles from ear to ear and a willingness to help keep your experience as chic as possible.
The blue box cafe offers breakfast, lunch and tea time. It is obviously suggested to get breakfast but the tea time platter is just as cute! At our table we ordered two of the truffle eggs with bacon and one smoked salmon bagel stack . In my opinion I feel like the bagel was better than the eggs but the eggs were not that bad. Also with our plates we got a fruit salad and warm croissants with honey butter, Nutella and jam. Delicious. Plus of course our tea, which had to come in a gorgeous Tiffany blue pot with a matching tea cup. We ordered two pots of The Tiffany Blend and one of the White Wedding tea. Each percolated to Perfection. Also I should add that the bread, fruit and tea were included with our plates. So paying $30 each to enjoy a taste of luxury is a steal..
It was an experience of a lifetime that we will be cherished and remembered of the time when we had Breakfast at Tiffany's….

Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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