The challenge is on...

Today marks the first day in February and the first day of our challenge to you. Something you may not know about me is that behind the screen, I am a preschool teacher. Last week all of the schools we're presented with a challenge, no not a we're out of pencils challenge but one for our students to complete themselves. Last week ended up being one of the best weeks, for not only my kids but myself, as I watched them complete the Kindness Challenge.

The Kindness Challenge is when you pick something to do everyday to show people how (in the words of my kids) to be nice to them. We did things such as baking cookies for the seniors citizens home, giving old toys to kids who don't have any, making bird feeders for all the hungry birds outside, cleaning the playground for our fellow classmates and so many other things.

This got me to thinking, why can't we do this. Sadly most people stop giving back after the holidays are done.  People are always in need, even after the holidays. So now I'm passing the challenge onto us, yes including myself. This month is the month to show kindness to one another, whether it be through giving our stuff away to giving our time away! We all have things we can do to show kindness, like bringing donuts to work because it was a Monday! Or treating someone to lunch or dinner. Grabbing your gal pals and volunteering a Saturday at the soup kitchen or animal shelter!

Also don't forget yourself, yes you should also be kind to you! Go outside and get some fresh air, go on a hike, get a massage or a mani/pedi. Go to the restaurant your tummy has  been dying to try. There are so many things you can do to show kindness towards others and yourself. So get out there and be nice to the world, one day at a time!  ❤🌎


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