New York Fashion Week Day 1: Malan Breton Brings It Better Than Ever

Fashioned Magazine is coming to you "LIVE" from NYC as we were invited to cover Style Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week! So of course, we "got you" with all of the lastest and fiercest fashions for 2018. So let's get started with what we took place on the catwalk!

Malan Breton
This line was elegant to a tee! From the blue sparkle jumpsuits to the floor-length black fleece jacket, Malan did an outstanding job showing his versatility with each piece that graced the runway. One of our personal favorites? The menswear threads in all their arrays of confidence, powered with hues of red and orange with enough style to stand on their own, left us breathless. Two words. Fierce. Beauty.

Lotus Threads, New York
Looking at these styles was a breath of fresh air. With earthy color tones and embroideries, Lotus Threads served us beautiful couture-styles laced with Bohemian flare that kept us asking for more.

Romeo and Juliet Couture
Romeo oh Romeo, where for art thou Romero? He was at Style Fashion Week, walking arm-in-arm with his beloved Juliet. From their leather jackets to their floral dresses, this show gave us some major 70's and 90's vibes with many edgy-yet-flirtatous feels. Their fringe pants suit was to-die-for and their many-colored Fur jackets brought us back to life. Bravo Romeo and Juliet, once again, your duo proves strong to the very end.

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