20 easy ways to become and stay creative!

Photo by Anatol Lem
Why is creativity important in everyday life? Some of us often think that creativity means to make something, but in fact the root meaning of the word means to 'grow'. When we are creative we feel as if the world and all that it in it vibrantly comes alive! Unlike learned skills, the creativity in your mind is uniquely yours. you can practice ways to enhance and unleash it, but like a fingertip, no two people think creatively in the same way. Creativity makes life interesting and fulfilling. Many think that some of us are born creative while others have to work hard to muster up something, truth is we are all creative in our own ways. Here are some ways to help shine a light an your creativity and to help keep it there.

  1. Create an inspiration or dream board!- This is one of my favorite things to do.. In fact I invite some of my girls over, have some pizza and drinks, and have a dream board party! It is so much fun to not only discover your dreams and inspirations for the next year(s) but what your girls dreams are too. They also make it that more exciting when those dreams come true! 
  2. Get out more!
  3. Learn a new skills.
  4. Read Books
  5. Socialize -This is another big one for me! I do find my self as a pretty happy girl but sometimes you just get content with staying home, or just hanging with your squad. Well you will never meet anyone new or adventure into that desired new world until you get yourself out there. Remember, unlike the movies, magical people and things don't just come knocking on your door, well except the delivery guy... Can I get a hallelujah...
  6. Use sticky notes
  7. Watch films
  8. Get a new hobby
  9. Get feedback from peers
  10. Listen to music - I love doing this when i have writers block or just in a rut... When a good song plays or my song comes on it just perks me right up and gets my creative juices flowing.
  11. Practice
  12. Be curious
  13. Question things
  14. Take naps 
  15. Turn off distractions - Cell phones on do not disturb or just put them away ( Unless you absolutely need them)
  16. Eat different cuisines
  17. Love what you do
  18. Watch motivational speeches
  19. Declutter your work-space - Muy importante
  20. Let go of fear
Hopefully these tips will help you get out of your creative rut or help you see how creative you really are, because trust me babe..... you are!
-Kyree.. 💋

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