Last Minute (DIY) Halloween Costumes

We all have experienced this scenario-- planning to stay home and then FOMO sets in and you decide to go out. But there's one big problem, you don't have enough time to order a costume online and going to a costume store the day before Halloween, Good Luck! So what do you do??? Well here are ten costume ideas that can be made from things you have at home!

    1. The Bachelor


This costume is very easy. Just put on one of your evening gown dresses and pick up a rose from your local supermarket and voila!

    2.  Netflix and Chill


If you and your partner in crime are in need of a costume, try this one! Just print out two papers-- One Netflix, one Chill. Don't forget to dress like your particular sign. "Netflix" in red and "Chill" in PJ's.

    3. Kermit the frog ( Sipping Tea)


This one is does involve a little work, but it will only take less then ten minutes. all you need for this costume is a lime green shirt and dark green fabric. Cut the fabric into the shape pictured above and hot glue to your shirt. Grab a mug with some tea inside and your done!

    4. Morton Salt Girl


For this costume all you need is a yellow dress, black shoes and an umbrella. Got all of those -- then this is the costume for you! Don't forget to grab a box of Morton salt, for that extra salty touch.

    5.  Chia Pet


All you need for this costume is an orange shirt, black pants, a white beanie and some greenery. You are going to hot glue the greenery onto the white beanie and that it. Your costume is done.

    6. When life gives you lemons


This costume is amazing, probably one of my favorites on this list. For this costume all you need is a yellow shirt with the word life painted or draw on and a basket of lemons. That's it. Super cute right!

   7.  Chip on your shoulder


Just because I love puns, im adding this in. This is the easiest costume on this list, all you need is a bag of chips. Whatever you plan on wearing for the night, safety pin the bag on your shoulder.

   8.  Be a decade


This one is easy because we all have things in our closet that we can cut or combine to make something from another era!

   9. Onesie's

We all should have at least one onesie in our closet for emergency days like this. If not, now is good reason to go and get one! Onesies are the best emergency costumes because they are festive  in expensive and comfortable!  

   10. Recycle


This is when you receive the text for a party that starts in a few hours and you don't have time to do any of the above. Just recycle a costume that you have worn a few years or maybe even last year. Better than nothing right! 

Hopefully these ideas helped sparked some spooky inspiration , Happy Halloween! 
-Kyree.. 💋
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