Bon Appeti-Chic

Toting your Necessities to work requires more than just one bag, especially if you're one of those #mealprepsunday people. Bringing a lunch everyday from home has so many positives-- such as saving you money, time and eating healthier. Though it often means you’re grabbing some unappealing lunch box , or just opting out for the plastic Supermarket bag. Think about it, except when we were kids, have you ever described your lunch box as cute. Well now you can, all thanks to Modern Picnic’s Luncher bag.
This bag just launched in the spring and it became the first product to be both stylish and practical from Modern Picnic. The price for this bag is a little more expensive at $149, but remember this is not your go-go Power Rangers plastic box that you had as a kid, this is a real handbag to makes you feel like more of an adult! 
This bag is so sophisticated with its vegan leather exterior, side pocket and it's insulated interior you can safely store anything from your tasty lunch, your baby's breast milk or your cell phone.
Now I know not everybody brings in a hearty lunch, some of us are just snackers for lunch...well thank goodness for Modern Picnic introducing ( drumroll) the Snacker. 
At $49 it is about the size of a carton of berries, so you can have your Healthy nibbles as you commute to and from work, socialize in the office, or making all day errands!

I'm not sure who was the creative minds behind these two amazing bags that are both food friendly and fashionably ready. But we thank you!

-Kyree.. 💋

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