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Staying up to date with the current style trends can be a job all on its own, not to mention pretty expensive. We are here to help by keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest fashions, while also keeping your spending on track. Let us take care on the hard part, by looking through many articles and pictures to find out what is in and what is now. Like this little gem we found… According to Nordstrom.com these are the top 4 shoe trends under $100 right now.

Versatile Slides

These shoes are not just stylish and comfortable but just like the name they are very versatile! You can slide these on with a sun dress or a ball gown, skinny jeans or khaki’s! They are sold at a variety of locations for prices ranging from $20 (DSW) to around $90(Nordstrom). Now I know what your think, I thought you were going to save me money, we are but when it comes to buying shoes sometimes it is best to invest in a better shoe that is going to last you longer. In the long run paying $50 for one pair of shoes that will last you months or even a year, is better than paying $20 for a shoe that you will probably have to re purchase again after a month or two. Especially if you have flat feet like me and need a shoe with an arch, finding that better shoe insures that my feet stay comfortable longer.


Sneakers have formally become the trend of the century, universally they will never go out of style… because you can wear them with any style. In fact wearing sneakers have become so fashionable they have helped create their own category, Athleisure! Don’t believe me just look around, Jordan’s and Nikes are no longer just the gym rat footwear of choice, in fact people who haven’t stepped in the gym the last couple of years probably own some sort of sneakers. Purchasing your own sneakers just takes you simply knowing your unique style, like are you Punk glam, Sparkle chic or plain Jane. There is a sneaker for everyone.


Mules are a style of shoe that has no constraint around the foot's heel or no back, some people call them “Slip-on’s”. Mules use to be only worn as bedroom slippers and not outside or in public. Though, as time went on mules have changed in purpose and in style. They are no longer just boudoir shoes they are worn for all types of occasions and in public! They can be found in a variety of stores from Neiman Marcus to Forever 21, all made with different shades and details!


Espadrilles are a type of shoe that is made out of canvas or cotton and they have a flexible rubbery sole. These shoes can either come in flats, heels or wedges. These shoes come in patterns and in solid colors, either way these shoes were made for people to look at them. Not like sneakers where they can get covered. These shoes should be the highlight or that pop of color in your outfit. They can be sold from a variety of places such as Saks Fifth for ($35) to urban Outfitters ($95).
Footwear is very important, so I hope these helpful money saving tips help you find the shoes that will help you turn some heads as you pound the pavement! 


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