Society Fashion Week (LA)

Los Angeles Fashion Week is here and to kick things off, we attended Society's Fashion Show. They brought the house down, literally... just a little ways into the show all of the electricity cut off. But I guess that's what happens when the music and the people are too hype. Anyway this entire show was very vibrant and diverse. Each one bringing its own unique taste to leave us wanting more. These are a few of the designers from the show that we loved.

Ron Thompson

Even though this line was in the middle of the program, I have to talk about it first. Why? Well.. Let's just say it was very eyes on the eyes. One of my favorite qualities i loved about this line is that each man walked out with their own swag. The designer was very smart in creating each piece to fit a vast majority of personalities. They did very well making every piece fit each individual with their own flare and style.

D'lora Moda

This line was definitely the funnest of all of them. As a high fashion couture children's line these kids brought it! They ranged in ages from what seemed as 3- 16 and all of them not only walked the runway but they owned it. I loved the designers choice in colors and fabric making each one as individual as each of the models. I would describe the style as very chic with a Spanish accent. With lots of bright colors, smart patterns, ruffles and tons of suede. Agh.... I love Suede.  I could for sure see my future kids rocking this fabulous line of clothing. 

Cynthia Matos and one of the young models

La Cattleya

BEAUTIFUL, Is how I would describe this line. I could just imagine myself stunning in almost everyone of these pieces from the shawls to the beautiful dresses. I love the soft colors the designer used each with some sort of flare, whether it was a pop of color, sequin or fax fur. When we interview the designer she told us that this line is inspired by a genus of orchids called Cattleya. These flowers are considered to be one of the most beautiful orchids in the world they are known as the" Queen of Orchids". I would definitely feel like a queen wearing anything from this line. 

Janelle Funari

Last but not least Janelle Funari: New York line. As the second children's line of the night, we needed to see something that the others didn't have, and we did with a fun twist, or maybe I should say french twist. When you are able to dress a french bulldog in your clothes and they totally rock it, your clothes are beyond fresh. They were hip, cool and oozed with vibe, from the golden shoes to the fax fur rain jacket. I loved how each piece was set in a way that made sense. I could actually see this girl walking her dog wearing these clothes. It was practical yet chic, sensible yet fierce, wearable yet stunning.

Society Fashion Week LA as a whole was a great experience, from the variety of designers to the inclusion of all races, sizes and situations. I would love to cover the show again and will highly recommend this for anyone who loves fashion and a good time. Brava Society, Brava! 

Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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