International Women's Day!

We as women should be celebrated for what we can do, should do and are going to do. We are making strides everyday to further concrete to this world how amazing we are. Of course though we must thank all of the women who stood on the front lines to risk everything, including their lives.. So in honor we want to share with you a few, out of the millions of women throughout history, who have paved a way and broken molds for many of us to have the courage to pursue our dreams. 

First up,

Amelia Earhart

Amelia was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. According to " Although Earhart's convictions were strong, challenging, prejudicial, and financial obstacles awaited her, but the former tomboy was no stranger to disapproval or doubt. Defying conventional feminine behavior, a young Earhart climbed trees, " belly slammed"her  sled to start it downhill, and hunted rats with a .22 rifle. She also kept a scrapbook of newspaper clipping about successful women in predominately male- oriented fields, including film direction and production, law, advertising, management, and mechanical engineering." Amelia knew she was meant to fly and she was not going to let anyone or anything stop her from that. If can only keep the same mentality that she had, then reaching our dreams will never seem impossible. Remember the only person who can stop us from obtaining our dreams is ourselves.

Anna Wintour

One of Fashioned's faves is Fashion's Queen Bee, Anna Wintour, who's been Vogue's Editor- in - Chief for thirty years. After running Vogue UK, Wintour stepped into her oval office at American Vogue in 1988, turning the world of fashion upside down. A believer in perseverance, she is tough, determined and is considered to be the most powerful woman in Fashion. Her advice to being successful? Being decisive, avoiding mediocrity, accepting failure, being a good leader and being true to yourself. What a lesson in humility from Ms. Wintour, to learn from your mistakes and become a better you. Don't let your mistakes define you or become you, be true to who you are. Never forget that we don't need to be anyone else but ourselves. 

Helena Rubinstein

A cosmetic entrepreneur Helena devoted her life to make the most of women's beauty. According to her website "she considered beauty a means to power and seduction, reflecting intelligence and education, and it was to direct all she did. Helena was born in a Jewish Ghetto in 1872 and her early life suggested she was destined to become such a powerful woman. Her plan was to recreate the formula of her face cream and teach these women the rules of beauty." When she opened her first beauty salon in Sydney, Australia  she invented something new, a sanctuary dedicated to beauty, skincare and aesthetic treatments. Can Ms. Helena get a Hallelujah! She knew that as women not only do we need to dominate in a male- oriented world.. but we need to look amazing while doing it. Helena's circumstances should be a lesson for us all, that even if you don't start out where you want to be, it doesn't stop you from going where you want to go! 

Just like these three women who showed the world who they were, even though their circumstances stood against them, they never let it stop them from becoming who they were supposed to be..... and it shouldn't stop us from being the fierce, loving, nurturing, fun, intelligent, creative, strong and beautiful women we were all FASHIONED to be. 

Happy Women's Day! 

Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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