Socks in Spring? Yes, Ma'am!

According to Nordstrom's Whats Now blog, Balenciaga's colorful sock booties are going to be a hot fashion trend.  These beautiful bold booties are breaking boundaries in the foot world, whew.... say that five times fast. Whether they are solid black, rose embroidered or suede this is one style that is guaranteed to impress all of your friends this spring.

Here are some of the versatile ways that these booties can be worn. 

Tuck them into your jeans for an all around clean look that will complete your outfit and show off your boot perfectly. 

They help in completing whatever look you are going for whether it is classy or edgy.

You can rock them with a cute off the shoulder top, paired with some ripped skinny jeans.

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Or put some fishnet tights on underneath for a super trendy look.


They can finish off your comfy vibes....

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You could even match these cuties with a baby doll style dress.

It is not too early to start thinking about some of the key players to add to your spring wardrobe, and these booties should definitely be on the top of your rooster, it is for sure on ours! 
Kyree McField
Merchandising Editor, Fashioned 

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