After Christmas Shopping

Black Friday can be very over hyped and Cyber Monday can be overwhelming. But the day after Christmas may just be the shopping day you didn't know you needed. December 26, the day stores go back to regular hours and the need to sell all of their holiday items off the shelves becomes a greater demand. Many stores such as Nordstroms, Target and Macy's have better deals post holiday then the day after Thanksgiving. Even some of the best online sites such as amazon, have great after Christmas deals.  Here are some notable deals at some popular stores.

  • Target - Here is their weekly ad, all of these deals are good until December 29th-- so shop, shop, shop! Target
  • Nordstrom - Every year they have their Half-Yearly sale which kicks off every December 26th. Sale includes Clothes, Shoes and accessories for everyone of all ages. 
  • Bath and Body Works - They will be having their Semi-Annual sale where they will have 75% off of select items such as body care, fragrances, soaps and more.
  • Best Buy - Here is their After Christmas ad full of great deals that last until December 29th. Best Buy
  • Amazon - This mega shop will be having tons of amazing deals for the rest of the week. Just click on the Deals of the Day button to see a few!
 To see other stores ads that are participating in after Christmas sales just click here. Happy Shopping!

-Kyree.. 💋
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