Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling can be a stressful yet joyous occasion, though flying for the holidays is a whole 'nother ball game. But not to worry I have some tips that will help you when the Wonderlust bug bites.

1. Flight times
Your flight time is, obviously, one of the most important factors of the trip. So when booking your flight keep in mind that if you are flying domesticly try to purchase your flight about three months before hand and five and a half months for international flights. That is usually when prices are it's lowest. Also it's best to buy your seats on a Tuesday or Wednesday , these are the times that most airlines will lower their cost. Another tip is when you look for a flight, make sure you search privatly. No, not with funny a disguise in your house with the lights off, but search on private mode or Incognito on your device. This will hide the fact that you are interested in certain flights and stop ads and websites from hiking up the prices.This will also protect you from potential scammers as well.

2. Plan ahead
Make sure you have all you ducks in a row before going anywhere. This means giving your vacation notice ahead of time, that way your chances are more likely to receive the time off. Checking the weather before hand... One time I was flying home, to New Mexico, for the holidays and me being a southern California girl wore my "winter" gear. You know a dress with boots and a light jacket. Just to arrive to a snow storm... So I'll say again, check the weather before hand. Also if you are bringing lots of presents with you, try to mail the items before you leave. This will save you valuable packing space and stress.

3. Arrive early
Unless you want a full on McAllister experience, I suggest you arrive early. The rule of thumb when traveling is to come at least two hours BEFORE your boarding time. This will insure you plenty of time to check- in, (which you should check in twenty- four hours before scheduled flight time), going through security Hassel free and to find your gate, sit and collect your thoughts. Once again, you don't want a Home Alone experience where you are rushed on the plane only to remember during take off that you forgot something. Also while sitting at your gate it is a great time to check your flight Information because if you have flown anywhere before, you would know that flight information changes every minute! Literally...
So if you keep these tips in mind while you are getting ready for you winter adventures you'll be Fa La La La'ing your way through the whole experience! Happy travels Wonderluster! ✈

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