Best Sparkling Water Brands

It seems like new sparkling water comes into the scene every day and for good reason. Sparkling water is a much healthier option to your favored fizzy drink. Here are some of the popular, healthy and best tasting brands of sparkling aqua.......

  1. LaCroix 

This is a popular one for many simply because of its cool factor. But honestly out of this entire list, this brand is my least favorite. If by some chance I were to buy a LaCroix my flavors of choice would be either Peach Pear, Melon Grapefruit or Lime. 

      2. Bubbly
Just like it's bubbly friends above, this can have become very popular for its cuteness factor, though I will say the flavor of this cuties is much better. My favorite our of this brand is the apple bubbly, so refreshing. Also a weird bonus, I love the smell that comes from the can when I first open it up, smells like they shoved an apple right into the can, heavenly! 

This classic French brand is to believe to have started it all. With its sophisticated name and look, no wonder it has been around for so long. There are so many great flavors behind this brand peach, watermelon, pink grapefruit-- it is very easy to get overwhelmed, the solution just buys the variety pack.

    4. Spindrift
Out of this entire list, this brand is the healthiest. It is literally just carbonated water and fruit. That's it. Each drink is made with real squeezed fruit eliminating all of the artificial flavors. Each flavor tasting refreshing, light, crisp and amazing. My flavor of choice with this brand is the grapefruit.

I love this can of light fruit flavor and solid bubbles so much-- each flavor is amazing in its own way, even the plain sparkling water is just exquisite. In fact, I drink one right now as I am typing this, so good!

6. Sparkling Ice

Hands down this are my favorite sparkling water--period. It tastes so good sometimes I forget I'm drinking water. I have even caught myself looking at the nutrition facts again because it taste is insane. My favorite flavor is peach nectarine but literally, every flavor is amazing...

There are so many other brands like Bai, Pellegrino, Voss Sparkling, and many others. Sparkling water is a great alternative for anyone who is addicted to soda and needs a way to stop the addiction. Or someone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle but needs some bubbles in their life. Whatever the reason sparkling water is always a mouthwatering alternative. 

-Kyree. 💋
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