Living life without regret

'FOMO' we have all experienced it-- The Fear Of Missing Out. The feeling that you're trapped in some kind of bubble while the world full of fun, romance, success, opportunity, and joy passes you by. You are not alone with these feeling-- according to around 90% of people have felt regret in their lives, in fact, it is the second leading emotion right after love. The most common regret's in life are...

  1. Worrying too much.
  2. Not showing your real feelings to people you've loved.
  3. Caring too much about what others think.
  4. Not following your passion.
  5. Not fully living in the present and enjoying the amazing moments happening now. 
  6. Not traveling enough.
  7. No enough time with loved ones.
  8. Didn't take the risk.
We have all felt regret from one or more of these scenarios, the good news is we don't have to continue to dwell in those feelings or live with the "what if's.." These are some tips to help you start this new way of living, regret-free, as the new year approaches. 

  1. Live your life to the fullest, by your standards only! If you start living for others you will be back in the same boat. Do what makes YOU happy for a change. 
  2. Stay in touch ( family, friends, old co-workers)
  3. Take the risk. (even if you fail you can at least say you tried.)
  4. Don't dwell on it.
  5. Travel more. ( Start small with day trips-- visit that store across town you have been wanting to go to. Then work up to big trips)
  6. Have the courage to express your feelings. They are valid! 
  7. Prioritize time with loved ones. 
  8. Take action.
  9. Stop worrying about what others think. You cannot please everyone, stop trying.
  10. Reignite that passion. ( Take a class, pick up old hobbies)
  11. Learn from past mistakes.
  12. Look on the bright side. ( Things could have been worse)
  13. Allow yourself to be happy.
-Kyree... 💋
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