Love is in the air and it smells good!

Bath and Body works is one of my favorite stores but because of its wide range of scents it can be a bit overwhelming.  Here's where I am here to help. I looked through, smelled and bought many different scents from fruity to floral and these are my top scents in no particular order! 

  1. Japanese Cherry Blossom

    Romantic Scent

  2. Twilight Woods

    Floral+Woody Scent

  3. Aromatherapy Love 

    Romantic Scent

  4. Pink Chiffon

    Warm Floral Scent

  5. Mad About You

    Floral Scent

  6. Country Chic

    Floral Scent

  7. Vanilla Bean Noel

    Holiday Scent

  8. Cashmere Glow

    Vanilla + Fruity Scent

  9. Love and Sunshine

    Floral Scent

  10. Beautiful Day

    Floral Scent

  11. Pretty as a Peach

    Fruity Scent

  12. Hello Beautiful

    Floral Scent

  13. Juniper Breeze

    Fresh Scent

  14. Paris Amour

    Warm Floral Scent

  15. Endless Weekend

    Fruity + Floral Scent

  16. Pink Cashmere

    Floral Scent

    All photo credit goes to

    -Kyree... 💋
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