The Most Essentail House Cleaners

Whether you like to marathon clean and get it all done in one day or clean little by little every available weekend-- house cleaning is a big job to take on. As many people start to get into the spring-cleaning mood, questions start to arise of which cleaning products are the best. When I am looking for a good house cleaner I try to buy products that are multi-purpose, smells good, great price and no harsh chemicals. Here are some of my most essential cleaning products:
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 

Being a preschool teacher, you learn to love this magical sponge. With just a squirt of soapy water, you can erase any tough stain or mark. Just remember to wear gloves when using it!
  • Clorox Spray and wipes  (Bleach and Hydrogen peroxide)
I use this spray/wipes every day, for everything! I use it for a quick surface clean like my kitchen counters and also a deep clean like my shower or toilet. I also love that they came out with the hydrogen peroxide version, it still cleans great but has less harsh chemicals. 

  • Dawn Soap
This soap can be a bit pricy but for my situation, it lasts a long time. I bought my last bottle of dawn about two months ago and I still have a good amount left. The saying for the bottle is true, one drop of dawn and your done. 

  • Easy off foam cleaner
This stuff is amazing when it comes time to deep clean your oven. I spray this foam over stuck on food and use my bristle sponge to scrub it off. This product makes cleaning my stove a breeze.   
  • Windex
Trust me on this, your windows will love you after using this product. 
  • Arm and Hammer sensitive skin 3-1 laundry pods.
 I love the scent of clean clothes but my skin does not. So it was normal for me to use free of pretty much everything laundry pods. Basically, I could only use dreft or All free and gentle. With these pods, I am now able to have a laundry detergent that smells amazing and is safe for my skin.

-Kyree... 💋
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